Innovative, integrated, hygienic and energy efficient

Our solutions refine different types of materials to increase durability and reduce costs. Solutions can also be combined for an efficient dewatering and drying process where requirements for hygiene and no chemical additives are important.

reCirculating Food Dryer

reCirculating Food Dryer is a dryer designed and developed to be able to recycle residual flows from production of Plant Based Food & Beverages (PBFB). reCirculating food Dryer dries these materials through efficient use of air and recovery of low-value residual heat from the PBFP manufacturing process. With a high hygienic standard, food quality can be achieved on the dried product.


Key features:


  • Temperature ranges adapted for the specific residual product
  • CIP cleaning
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adapted to production cycles
  • Design and material choices eliminate microbiological growth
  • Continuous operation
  • High reliability
  • High adaptability to product variations
  • Simple digital control system
  • Increases the material value by not burning or affecting nutrient content


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Freeze Dry Unit

Freeze Dry Unit uses freezing and thawing to dewater different types of materials. This means that no polymers or other substances need to be added in order to dewater the material.


Freezing a material with a high water content releases water that is bound to and in particles. This means that when the material thaws, a large part of the water drains off. When the water is released from the particles and becomes so-called free water, subsequent drying processes also become easier as the only energy required is that to evaporate the water.


Freeze Dry Unit is patented in the USA and patent pending in the EU.


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