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Our solutions are designed according to Food Quality guidelines. We work with very high degree of automatization and cleanability. We can delivered with full Clean-In-Place or combination of Washing/Cleaning-In-Place. We provide a complete Turn-Key Solution to our Customers. Giving one interface for the complete production line. We can integrate our solutions to be online with the drink production process. We help you get the full valorization of the residue stream and lead the way to a more waste free Food production chain.

reCirculating Food Dryer

reCirculating Food Dryer is a dryer designed and developed to be able to recycle residual flows from production of Plant Based Food & Beverages (PBFB). reCirculating food Dryer dries these materials through efficient use of air and recovery of low-value residual heat from the PBFP manufacturing process. With a high hygienic standard, food quality can be achieved on the dried product.


Key features:

  • Temperature ranges adapted for the specific residual product
  • CIP cleaning
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automated process
  • Adapted to production cycles
  • Design and material choices eliminate microbiological growth
  • Continuous operation
  • High reliability
  • High adaptability to product variations
  • Simple digital control system
  • Increases the material value by not burning or affecting nutrient content


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