Elajo Technology Solutions is involved from start to finish!

Flexibility is an important part when new technology is introduced, which is why we work to integrate our solutions with customers’ operations in the idea and design phase. All operations have different conditions in terms of waste heat, space, hygiene requirements and control systems, therefore it is important to understand the conditions early on to optimize the process and keep energy use down. For us, the customer is in focus and a key for us is that we work in close relationship with the customer to find the best possible solution. Do you want help or are you wondering how to get started with drying your residual product for use in food production? Contact us for a initial discussion! OR why not visit one of our Customer to see a unit in operation!

Idea and design

Already in the idea phase we try to optimize the design process and minimize sources of error. This allows us to find the best solutions for your needs. With our reCirculating Food Dryer for drying of food products, the variations can be large based on the conditions of the customers. We have different test possibilities from lab scale to smaller units. We have the possibility to run transport/pump test of different materials. Based on Customer requirement Elajo experience and tests, a complete solution is developed.


When it comes to recycling residues from Plant Based Food & Beverages, it can be important to find a solution that can be implemented directly to access the great values, economics and nutrients, in a dried residual flow with food quality, even if the dried end product needs to be sent initially for animal feed. However, when you as a customer is ready, the facility needs to be able to start switching over to recycling this material back into the food chain. To be able to do this, reCirculating Food Dryer and Elajo Technology Solutions help you through the process of realizing the strategy of going to a circular production and maximizing the valorization of the residual flow.

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Manufacturing and installation

We value quality and knowledge very high. We place great demands on our suppliers and partners because we know that our customers demand the best from us. Elajo Technology Solutions is part of the Elajo Group and this gives us great access to Elajo Mekanik’s entire knowledge of mechanical manufacturing and production in the mechanical field. Through Elajo El- och Energiteknik, we bring with us the market’s highest competencies in electricity, energy and automation.
This makes Elajo Technology Solutions a complete supplier. We become a natural and competent partner to our customers where we in close dialogue with the customer guide you through the entire process, from A to Z and where we put the puzzle to unlock the value and recycle the residual flow.

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Commisioning and handover

Elajo Technology Solutions’ qualified team is involved in commissioning, training and the handing over of the facility so that the customer’s own operating staff receives a good and qualified training of the entire system.
Elajo Technology Solutions will also be available in the future for any service issues, remote access, spare parts or remote monitoring. However, the basis of our solutions is that it should be easy to handle and in a short time be able to be handed over to the customer’s operating organization. Of course, Elajo Technology Solutions is a long-term partner where we want to be the given partner when you want to develop your business and include more residual flows, increase volumes or the like.

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