Elajo Technology Solutions – The story

Elajo have in close dialogue and cooperation with several world leading Plant Based Drink Producers and University developed the reCirculating Food Dryer.

We hade a very challenging requirement list but the full focus has been from the start to develop a solution that can (to mention a few):

  • Stabilize the residues and stop the micro organism process that destroy the valuable Food product
  • Fully automated process
  • Not tamper or destroy the residues in any way
  • Safe and reliable solution
  • Very easy to use
  • Work on a global arena
  • Fully flexible for integration to existing system
  • As high energy efficiency that is possible
  • Can be used on all Plant Based Drink residues (and other applications as well)
  • And more…


Elajo Technology Solutions’ focus is on innovation and development of products and solutions for a sustainable Food production cycle. Elajo Technology Solutions is a new company within Elajo that was formed in 2017. With our solution reCirculating Food Dryer we lead the way to to recycle residue streams in a industrial scale.

The development of our products and solutions is based on the Elajo Group’s combined technical competence and expertise. A strategic decision within Elajo has been to work with three global trends: digitalisation, climate change and urbanization. It is in these areas that innovation must be achieved. It is from this that Elajo Technology Solutions has emerged.