Elajo Technology Solutions – The story

Elajo Technology Solutions’ focus is on innovation and development of products and solutions for a sustainable society. We provide environmental innovations that will help society in a circular utilization of resources. Elajo Technology Solutions is a new company within Elajo that was formed in 2017. Our solutions; reCirculating Food Dryer and Freeze Dry Unit are patent-pending solutions developed in close relationship with Elajo’s customers.

Elajo is uniquely positioned to occupy a unique market niche thanks to our strong product differentiation and the market’s demand-driven characteristics.


The development of our products and solutions is based on the Elajo Group’s combined technical competence and expertise. A strategic decision within Elajo has been to work with three global trends: digitalisation, climate change and urbanization. It is in these areas that innovation must be achieved. It is from this that Elajo Technology Solutions has emerged.

In 2019, we released our first product, Freeze Dry Unit. A unique solution for dewatering sludge using a combination of freezing and thawing. Freeze Dry unit is patented in the USA and patent pending in the EU. During the development, we received support from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for a pilot plant for dewatering of sewage sludge in Oxelösund, Sweden.


2021 we launch reCirculating Food Dryer. A solution that recycles residual products from food and beverage production. reCirculating Food Dryer dries the products for use in human food. In 2021, we also signed a contract with Bofood AB, The Green Dairy, for the delivery of a reCirculating Food Dryer to their facility in Karlshamn in southern Sweden. Here, the residual products from their oat beverage production is to be dried for use in food. The development has taken place in close relationship with Bofood.

Elajo Group

The Elajo Group is one of Sweden’s leading companies for electricity, mechanics, engineering and energy installations with broad expertise and competent employees. Elajo consists of the parent company Elajo Invest AB and the three business areas Electrical and Energy Technology, Mechanics and Technology Solutions.


Elajo started as early as 1958 and has since experienced strong growth over many years, combining the proximity and flexibility of a small company with the resources of a large one.


With a focus on energy efficiency, high quality and unique solutions, Elajo wants to increase customers’ competitiveness and thus become an attractive business partner. Elajo has never turned down a job – the flexibility means that no job is too small or too big.


Elajo’s combined expertise allows us to perform special jobs and deliver complete solutions within the business areas and provides turnkey solutions from planning to commissioning.