ReCFD for Brewer´s Spent Grain - BSG in Food

Brewer’s Spent Grain - Oat Okara - Soy Okara - Plant Based Drinks reCirculating Food Dryer is a fully automated and integrated solution that manage recirculation and upscaling of theses valuable residue streams in industrial scale "About 39 million tons of brewers' grains (BSG) are produced worldwide every year. Spent grain is a huge waste stream that remains after beer is brewed. BSG is very rich in proteins, energy and super healthy! Nowadays, it is mainly used in the animal feed sector, because it spoils within a day due to its very high water, sugar and protein content. This makes it difficult to transport and further process it into food within a short time." Foodvalley.com reCirculating Food Dryer - Taking care of this global raw material asset, this valuable raw material food source